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ISG is a platform where startups raise funding for launch, release a product and start making money. For investors, we help find high-tech projects with

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Full support for IT startups, from funding to launch
Database of the brightest investment projects in high-tech
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About International Consulting Group

For investors, ICG offers access to a frequently updated database of IT startups. Our partners always can to consult with qualified market experts. We will help you create a portfolio based on your wishes for profitability, timing, and liquidity of assets. You can invest your money in the most profitable sector of the economy and diversify risks with a wide range of our financial instruments.
Our company provides professional support for high-tech startups. We have necessary conditions and infrastructure for launch preparation. ICG build for you a business strategy and help to find up investors.
Our team of experts engaged in technical and legal support. The wide practical experience of our specialists helps to avoid errors and speed up monetization of your ideas.

Reasons why you should invest in IT with ICG

Any investments in the IT-startups are more profitable than traditional financial instruments. Make sure that the project with a cool idea and team also have a prepared business model! If you invest in startup at the stage of seed, then the potential profit increases by a lot.
Frequently updated database. All startups have been assessed and pre-trained at ICG
Finding projects according to specified criteria, access to comprehensive information, news alerts
Professional advices for creating a profitable investment portfolio, qualified risk management
Investing in such high-tech startups is one of the best ways to multiply your money.

Startup Consulting Service: the easiest way from idea to successful monetization

Our experts support startups at any stage. Do you have only an idea? Call us! We are ready to help if your project really have potential.
We take care of solving routine issues, so that you can make your dream a reality!
ICG investors database is growing every day. These are people who want to invest their money in IT. This greatly simplifies fundraising: many projects meet funding after the first consultations with our specialists.
Professional advice, audit, preparation of a strategy, creation of a business plan
Information support, creation of presentations, website development
Legal assistance: preparation of docs, drafting contracts, registration
Finding investors using ICG database and other resources, advertising
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